You’ve probably read about the Marshmallow Test or at least heard it referenced with regards to delayed gratification and success in life.

Recently, Stanford scientists replicated a classic experiment from the 60s, in which they tested children’s ability to delay gratification. Researchers gave each child a marshmallow and told them that they would receive a second marshmallow — if they were able to wait until the researcher left and returned.

Recent Stanford Reproduction of the Orignal Test

Marshmallow Test Reproduced by Dr. David Walsh

The original marshmallow experiment was conducted by Walter Mischel in the 60s. Afterward, Mischel followed the children’s progress through adolescence – finding that those who were able to wait without eating the marshmallow were better adjusted, “more dependable”, and got higher SAT scores too.

The lesson: Kids who wait — later in life do great! Or perhaps you’ve heard it this way: “Good things come to those who wait.”