“Taking the law into their own hands” is a phrase used to describe aggressive actions by people who feel slighted in such a way that waiting for traditional law enforcement isn’t acceptable.

Due to the massive foreclosure fraud (called “Foreclosure Gate”) perpetrated by the big banks, some Americans are fighting back.

Jim and Danielle Earl in Simi Valley, CA broke into their former home that was sold at trustee sale auction to a professional flipping company. The Earl family, with their attorney, Michael Pines, seized the home after the investment company fixed it up and were about to sell it to new owners. The police were there but did nothing to stop the theft of the home by the Earls.

How is this not breaking and entering?

The logical consequence of the banks’ blatantly breaking the law (see Systemic Foreclosure Fraud by Lenders) is that average citizens will fight back and take the law into their own hands.

Do we really want civil unrest? Can the government do anything to fix this quickly? Do two wrongs make a right…or just more wrongs? Share your opinion on this situation in the comments below.

Conejo Capital Partners, the company that bought the home at trustee auction tell their story here: 5893 Mustang

So, does anyone still believe that cheap credit and easy money from the Federal Reserve after the Dot Com Crash was a good thing?

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